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crimping tool sentence in Hindi

"crimping tool" meaning in Hindicrimping tool in a sentence
  • A rivet compression or crimping tool can also deform this type of rivet.
  • Connection is made by use of a special crimping tool, alternatively by soldering.
  • Pneumatic and hand-operated cap-seal crimping tools are available.
  • This shows that the function is just a simple crimping tool, adapted for one specific item.
  • I have a crimping tool that wraps flat metal bands around wire fence panels to hold the panels together.
  • Certain Ideal and Eclipse interchangeable dies are in the same format as the Harbor Freight 97420 crimping tool's interchangeable dies.
  • Based on the description of the " head " piece open and closed, this may be some type of crimping tool.
  • These cap-seals sit on top of the flanges and are crimped, using a drum cap-seal crimping tool, also called a drum cap sealer.
  • The sidewalls of the wire barrel are then mechanically compressed ( uniformly deformed ) using a crimping tool to captivate the conductor ..
  • Hayes'farming products are now marketed by Tru-Test Ltd and include wire strainers, wire dispensers, fence post tools, crimping tools, crimping sleeves and farm gates.
  • :Assuming you can find a place with the appropriate connector ( I'm assuming it's an RJ-45 ) and a crimping tool, it should be simple enough.
  • If you need a longer run of wire, you may need to buy the connectors ( called modular RJ45 connectors ) and a crimping tool to secure the connector to the cable.
  • Edward C . Songer, 66, a federal telecommunications worker, said he bid on boxes of crimping tools, wires and phone cards because he was able to pay $ 60 for items that would normally cost about $ 200.
  • However, there may not be sufficient length of wires in enclosures to permit a special crimping tool to be used, and the resulting connections are sometimes too large to install in existing enclosures due to limited space ( or " box fill " ).
  • One resident who held a box at Glasser in the 1980's, Dennis Burnham, reports that when he began using a postage meter, Elmer Hobbs was thrilled because it required him to requisition the official crimping tools from the USPS, making it harder for the government to shut down a post office in which there is a metered customer.

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