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English-Hindi > crushing plant

crushing plant meaning in Hindi

crushing plant sentence in Hindi

संदलन संयंत्र
crushing    दमित करने वाला दलन
plant    वनस्पति संयंत्र
1.The extant screening and crushing plant remains date to the early 1960s.

2.In 1922, KIL & T built the world's largest stone crushing plant at Marblehead.

3.In December 1887 the'Oudtshoorn Company'started using a large crushing plant.

4.In addition, American multinationals like Cargill and Bunge operate large soybean crushing plants here.

5.Thirty-nine crushing plants were operating at Swamp Oak in 1897.

6.The separating and crushing plant is located immediately to the north of the headframe.

7.The DENR revealed that there are currently 34 existing quarry and crushing plants in Rizal.

8.The 1906 San Francisco earthquake flattened the new steam crushing plant and temporarily halted operations.

9.The only mine to remain operational was a large mine with its own crushing plant.

10.Trainor and Burchell invested ?00 in their own crushing plants to save on cartage costs.

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