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English-Hindi > curse word

curse word meaning in Hindi

curse word sentence in Hindi
शाप शब्द
curse    अभिशाप कोप
word    बाइबिल पवित्र
1.He spat the curse words into my face, taunting me.

2.The candidate occasionally used curse words, usually foreign to campaigns.

3.There was the occasional curse word and a frequent quicksilver laugh.

4.At least three curse words could be heard during the performance.

5.Ivanisevic resisted using curse words when discussing his rotator cuff injury.

6.There is also an inventory of non-offensive curse words.

7.To get their PG rating, seven curse words have been deleted.

8.The postgame handshake turned into an exchange of curse words.

9.Brinsfield ignores her as she mumbles a curse word under her breath.

10.PROFANITY Two mild curse words and two equally mild vulgarities.

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