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English-Hindi > dalton plan

dalton plan meaning in Hindi

dalton plan sentence in Hindi

डाल्टन प्रणाली
डाल्टन योजना
dalton    डेल्टन
plan    तदबीर नक्शा
1.That same year Parkhurst published " Education on the Dalton Plan ".

2.Something similar applies in the Dalton Plan to interaction and co-operation.

3.She adapted the Dalton plan to her school in 1927.

4.Jeffreys promoted the Dalton Plan, which was at that time still quite new, at Bryanston.

5.The'Dalton Plan'aims to produce independent and confident leaders.

6.The Boothe-Dalton plan was less ambitious in scope.

7.The Dalton Plan was originally developed by the Dalton High School in Massachusetts in the 1920s.

8.It has a reputation as a liberal and artistic school using some ideas of the Dalton Plan.

9.Helen Parkhurst of the Dalton Plan would draw on his experience years later in New York City.

10.Additionally, the Boothe-Dalton plan provided for an administrative appeal process, which the Gray Commission plan did not.

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