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dam construction sentence in Hindi

"dam construction" meaning in Hindi  
  • The dam construction brought thousands of jobs and people to Big Bend.
  • Oil spills and dam construction, meanwhile, have severely diminished the sturgeon's habitat.
  • Bids for dam construction were submitted by several companies in early 1952.
  • Vidraru dam construction took five years and a half starting in 1960.
  • It is threatened by habitat loss caused by logging and dam construction.
  • Their villages were the closest to the dam construction site near Hamdab.
  • Wyangala Dam primary level education for the children of the Dam construction workers.
  • It is threatened by deforestation, charcoal production and hydroelectric dam construction.
  • The federal government has declined to intervene to halt dam construction.
  • The farmers are demanding compensation for damage caused by dam construction.
  • This habitat has been massively impacted by dam construction and dredging.
  • This may be caused by rapid urbanization and by dam construction.
  • The dam construction was started in 1964 and completed in 1970.
  • Preliminary studies for dam construction were begun on the Akaya River in 1948.
  • This species has been heavily impacted by dam construction, dredging, and water pollution.
  • After a 1982 Supreme Court ruling in favor of dam construction, construction continued.
  • Several towns in Choix Municipalities were affected when Miguel Hidalgo Dam construction started.
  • Recently a dam construction has been built to impound rain water.
  • The dam construction started in 1947 and lasted four years.
  • Elko was forcibly evacuated in spring 1965 as part of the Kinzua Dam construction.
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