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dam site sentence in Hindi

"dam site" meaning in Hindidam site in a sentence
  • The dam site was opened to the public on 3 June 2011.
  • The river drains a catchment area of up to the dam site.
  • Mangla Dam and feasibility study of Bhasha Dam site will be initiated.
  • The dam site also contains a water treatment plant and picnic area.
  • The dam site is open for all the tourists throughout the year.
  • Projected Renuka dam site is 3 km meter on Dadahu Haripurdar road.
  • The dam site and the reservoir are famous for their scenic beauty.
  • He investigated potential dam sites, and the hydrology of the country.
  • The sanctuary has a picturesque dam site serving as its gateway.
  • Loyston, located about upstream from the dam site, was entirely inundated.
  • Below the dam site, the Elwha is paralleled by Olympic Hot Springs Road.
  • There are two arms of the lake that extend from the dam site.
  • The areas surrounding the Hatgyi Dam site are ethnically diverse and ecologically rich.
  • It also demanded the immediate stoppage of construction work at the dam site.
  • PGE donated of the dam site to the Western Rivers Conservancy.
  • The dam site offers excellent panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.
  • Test drilling work at the dam site began in August 2013.
  • Later Wednesday, the rebels fired two mortars shells at the irrigation dam site.
  • Despite ceasefire in 1994, clashes and bomb explosions occasionally occur near the dam site.
  • The dam site is erroneously called a waterfall in several places in park literature.
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