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damage area sentence in Hindi

"damage area" meaning in Hindi
  • Zedillo made the statements after a helicopter tour of the damaged areas.
  • I ran HDTune again, and it did not show the damaged area.
  • Position the the center block in the opening of the damaged area.
  • Q . NASA never obtained additional photographs of Columbia's damaged area ..
  • Since then, the damaged areas of the city have been fully restored.
  • Clinton toured the damaged areas of Tarboro, Princeville and Greenville by air.
  • Answers suggests that storms have damaged areas where they are grown.
  • They described joint fluid in the damaged areas and congested lungs.
  • Premier Alex Scott was expected to tour damaged areas on Saturday.
  • A detour was created around the damaged area before another bridge was constructed.
  • I don't need much, but enough to replace a damaged area.
  • Yashinsky has been dispatched around Japan to visit the damaged areas, Drago said.
  • At least 1, 000 people were evacuated from heavily damaged areas.
  • You may have to pry up some boards to expose the damaged area.
  • Cut a piece of metal flashing large enough to cover the damaged area.
  • Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder declared it a national task to help rebuild damaged areas.
  • But until recently, this damaged area had been buried beneath debris.
  • An estimated four percent of the damaged area was completely incinerated.
  • Armed officers have been stationed at virtually every intersection in the damaged areas.
  • The following day, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin toured damaged areas of El Reno.
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