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English-Hindi > damage area

damage area meaning in Hindi

damage area sentence in Hindi

• क्षति-क्षेत्र
damage    हानी आघात ख़र्च
area    क्षेत्र क्षेत्रफल
1.Zedillo made the statements after a helicopter tour of the damaged areas.

2.I ran HDTune again, and it did not show the damaged area.

3.Position the the center block in the opening of the damaged area.

4.Q . NASA never obtained additional photographs of Columbia's damaged area ..

5.Since then, the damaged areas of the city have been fully restored.

6.Clinton toured the damaged areas of Tarboro, Princeville and Greenville by air.

7.Answers suggests that storms have damaged areas where they are grown.

8.They described joint fluid in the damaged areas and congested lungs.

9.Premier Alex Scott was expected to tour damaged areas on Saturday.

10.A detour was created around the damaged area before another bridge was constructed.

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