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damage claim sentence in Hindi

"damage claim" meaning in Hindidamage claim in a sentence
  • "There aren't a lot of $ 20 million punitive damage claims filed.
  • Scores of science projects were launched to prove or disprove damage claims.
  • Opel said it will specify the amount of the damage claim later.
  • The insurance company denied the damage claim allowing the store to move.
  • The court set a three-month deadline for an evaluation of the compensatory-damages claim.
  • She also dismissed fraud, slander and punitive damages claims against Morgado.
  • Connecticut gets 150 complaints a year, mostly about overcharging and disputed damage claims.
  • Spain's original damage claim against ABS was some $ 700 million.
  • Limiting mold damage claims in standard homeowners'policies at $ 5, 000.
  • Many damage claims have already been filed by Aborigines in the Northern Territory.
  • Since then, other damaging claims have been made against the coach.
  • DaimlerChrysler said the damages claim was " absurd and groundless ."
  • The damages claim was held in abeyance pending a decision on the injunction.
  • SeaTac resident Sharon Bumgarner is eager to make a damage claim against ICS.
  • The committee assisted in filing damage claims caused by the cyclone.
  • Without explanation, he denied the companies'motions to strike Hayes'punitive-damages claim.
  • If he wins, Kahn plans to file a damage claim.
  • People with previous water damage claims, and mold problems, may face even higher rates.
  • Subsidence damage claims for the year were 32 million pounds more than in 1994.
  • The resulting damage claims forced numerous insurance firms into bankruptcy.
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