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damage limitation sentence in Hindi

"damage limitation" meaning in Hindi  
  • Clement VIII's grant of absolution therefore contains an element of damage limitation.
  • Colin Powell's slow journey eastward is becoming an exercise in damage limitation.
  • The aim of damage limitation itself represents a sort of failure.
  • Ralf Schumacher managed seventh, calling the finish " damage limitation ."
  • Most Palestinians are aware that their leader's diplomatic offensive is an exercise in damage limitation.
  • Events on the ground are making damage limitation in the Arab world harder to achieve.
  • What started as a one-off damage limitation job grew into an eagerly anticipated annual event.
  • If McCain prevails, he will face a huge task of damage limitation inside his own party.
  • Consequently, the United States sees Ross'mission as " damage limitation, " the Israeli newspaper Haaretz said Friday.
  • Now it's damage limitation, but you cannot have one rule for one and then another rule for another.
  • Since this particular event fell out of the sky onto us, the whole issue has been about damage limitation,
  • A specialist forensic examination into the nature and extent of the attack is performed as a damage limitation exercise.
  • Hungarian coach Janos Csank, who is expected to resign after the match, hopes for some kind of damage limitation performance.
  • Controversial allegations about security service activity in Northern Ireland involved him in damage limitation on behalf of the security services.
  • They feel peace was within reach in the 1990s, but now the best that can be hoped for is damage limitation.
  • Danczuk described Cameron's ordering of the new inquiry as representing " . . . little more than a damage limitation exercise.
  • The whole appearance that we see emerging here is one of political or bureaucratic damage limitation, admitting only what they absolutely have to admit.
  • As temperatures on the tarmac soared, there was just one priority for Tour de France leader Lance Armstrong and his chasing pack : damage limitation.
  • Simons said he gave the bowlers a rebuke for the lack of discipline, and added the team would discuss more damage limitation before play resumes.
  • Bruhl wrote that some unconscionability challenges to arbitration terms ( such as punitive damages limitations ) do not fit in the mold of classical unconscionability cases.
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