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English-Hindi > damage limitation

damage limitation meaning in Hindi

damage limitation sentence in Hindi
damage    हानी आघात ख़र्च
limitation    परिसीमा पाबन्दी
1.Clement VIII's grant of absolution therefore contains an element of damage limitation.

2.Colin Powell's slow journey eastward is becoming an exercise in damage limitation.

3.The aim of damage limitation itself represents a sort of failure.

4.Ralf Schumacher managed seventh, calling the finish " damage limitation ."

5.Most Palestinians are aware that their leader's diplomatic offensive is an exercise in damage limitation.

6.Events on the ground are making damage limitation in the Arab world harder to achieve.

7.What started as a one-off damage limitation job grew into an eagerly anticipated annual event.

8.If McCain prevails, he will face a huge task of damage limitation inside his own party.

9.Consequently, the United States sees Ross'mission as " damage limitation, " the Israeli newspaper Haaretz said Friday.

10.Now it's damage limitation, but you cannot have one rule for one and then another rule for another.

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