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English-Hindi > damage repair

damage repair meaning in Hindi

damage repair sentence in Hindi

• विकिरण-क्षति उपचार
damage    हानी आघात ख़र्च
repair    आश्रय घर जमाव
1.That could result in federal assistance, including low-interest loans for damage repairs.

2.Moored to " Arizona " was the badly damaged repair ship.

3.Some damage repair still is being done to the division's Canoga Park facility.

4.Reasonable people realize that damage repair has to take priority over new projects.

5.In both cases, the fair recovered and continued after a damage repair break.

6.I would say that currently we are in a " damage repair " mood.

7.At Leyte, her chores consisted of more typhoon damage repair than battle damage work.

8.However, recovery and damage repair were underway later that year.

9.Many cars were totaled or needed hail damage repair.

10.In addition the facilities can undertake crash damage repair for a large number of aircraft types.

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