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English-Hindi > dame rebecca west

dame rebecca west meaning in Hindi

dame rebecca west sentence in Hindi
डेम रेबेका वेस्ट
dame    आर्या गृहिणी
rebecca    रेबेका
rebecca west    रेबेका वेस्ट
west    पश्चिमी प्रदेश
1.Dame Rebecca West, Irish-born author and journalist ( 1892-1983 ) . slot v8155 / mt

2.There are intersecting monologues, that is all _ Dame Rebecca West, Irish-born novelist ( 1892-1983 ).

3.Bill Moyers's interview " A Visit With Dame Rebecca West, " recorded in her London home when she was 89, was aired by PBS in July 1981.

4.My contention was that Dame Rebecca West belonged on the list with one or another book, identifying two works of hers that I have read _ " The Fountain Overflows " ( 1936 ) and " The Thinking Reed " ( 1956 ).

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