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English-Hindi > dame school

dame school meaning in Hindi

dame school sentence in Hindi

डेम स्कूल
dame    आर्या गृहिणी
school    संप्रदाय झुंड
1.Dunton's first known school was a Dame school which opened in 1836.

2.He and Lady Violet moved to Burwood House, now Notre Dame School.

3.The first Dame School held in the parish was held at'Honeys '.

4.Grants from the American Philosophical Society, a Notre-Dame school in Paris.

5.She was the wife of the village curate and ran a dame school.

6.Cobden attended a dame school and then Bowes Hall School in Teesdale, County Durham.

7.A "'Dame school "'was an early form of a private elementary school in English-speaking countries.

8.At this time, the class was made in a house near the present Notre-Dame School.

9.Yeshimebeth attended elementary and secondary education at Notre dame school in the town of Dire Dawa.

10.He went to a village dame school early in life, then to parish schools in Paston.

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