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English-Hindi > defect from

defect from meaning in Hindi

defect from sentence in Hindi
पक्षत्याग करना
defect    बिगड़ अभाव
from    स् से स ओर से कारण
1.;Valra : A vampire scientist who ultimately defects from Hanek.

2.However, Beat immediately defects from the Reapers and rejoins Neku.

3.And if they fail, will the public defect from the ANC?

4.They knew he had the determination to defect from Cuba.

5.Sales taxes have three big defects from an economic point of view.

6.They were the highest ranking officials to defect from Saddam's government

7.At the same time, defects from topcoat use should be avoided.

8.He accepts, knowing he is about to defect from the Coalition.

9.Andr�s Torellas with news that it intended to defect from the Republic.

10.In September 2013, Iglesias attempted to defect from Cuba.

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