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defence division sentence in Hindi

"defence division" meaning in Hindidefence division in a sentence
  • From 1996 to 1998 he reportedly commanded the 5th Air Defence Division.
  • It fought in the Pacific Fleet as a coastal defence division.
  • He later defected to Mega-City One where he offered to help Defence Division.
  • He returned to Melbourne in 1947 as head of the Defence Division of the Treasury.
  • The 7th Air Defence Corps was redesignated the 7th Air Defence Division in the early 1990s.
  • Returning to Canberra from Malaysia, Eastman was appointed the head of Department of Foreign Affairs defence division.
  • In the northern autumn of 1989 transferred to the Northern Fleet and became a coastal defence division.
  • In 1999, Marconi's defence division, including the Chelmsford facilities, was purchased by British Aerospace to form BAE Systems.
  • During early 1943, each of the three home defence divisions were cut from 22, 358 to 11, 530 men.
  • His contribution included service, between 1952 and 1954, as commander of the quasi-military " Third Air-defence Division in Drewitz.
  • During early 1943 each of the three home defence divisions were cut from 22, 358 to 11, 530 men.
  • From 4.86 to Oct 1992 it was part of 15th Air Defence Division ( 12th Air Defence Army ).
  • It was formed in 2001 from the 7th Pomeranian Mechanized Brigade ( of the 8th Coastal Defence Division ).
  • In 1900 a third was added, the War and Coast Defences Division, to deal with issues of strategy and defence.
  • It was in succession part of the 26th Air Defence Division, the 39th Air Defence Corps, and the 54th Air Defence Corps.
  • This continued until Alvis plc, also of Britain, purchased Vickers'defence division, including OMC . Alvis renamed the company to "'Alvis OMC " '.
  • Each Air Defence division is commanded by a Brigadier General and consists of three Air Defence Tactical Operations Command ( TOC ) and support units.
  • "Nebel-ahoi ! " is used by the ABC-Abwehrtruppe, a defence division of the Bundeswehr, and it belongs officially to the military tradition of the army.
  • The civil division was sold out, while the defence division continued under the name Norwegian Defence Technology ( NFT ) from 19 June 1987 to 1995.
  • In 1995 he became commander of the 4th Army Air Defence Division, becoming only the ninth brigadier in the history of the Pakistan Army to command a division.
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