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defence installation sentence in Hindi

"defence installation" meaning in Hindidefence installation in a sentence
  • The flooding led to further defence installations during the 1980s.
  • They were also used for fire control at fixed coastal defence installations.
  • Fixed coastal defence installations were constructed on Mount Marlow at Pallarenda and on Magnetic Island.
  • The fort was notable for both its effectiveness as a defence installation and for its architecture.
  • CIA maps and data available on the net don't usually identify sensitive locations, including defence installations.
  • CFB Comox is the primary air defence installation on Canada's rotary-wing search and rescue ( SAR ) aircraft.
  • Another such defence installation was at "'Dundas Point "'on the northeast side of the island at.
  • The game is set on one such island, called " ARTROCK 6 " which is a completely automated defence installation.
  • "' Fort Perch Rock "'is a former defence installation situated at the mouth of Liverpool Bay in New Brighton.
  • "' Stony Batter "'is a historic defence installation at the northeastern end of Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • The largest single landowner in Canada by far, and by extension one of the world's largest, is the national defence installations.
  • Sevenoaks became part of the modern communications network when one of the early commuting population, although the nearby Fort Halstead defence installation is a major local employer.
  • "' Fort Queenscliff "', in engineers, infantry and naval militia, and it was manned as a coastal defence installation continuously from 1883 to 1946.
  • The S-Plan contained many precise instructions for acts of destruction which had as their object the paralysis of all official activity in England and the greatest possible destruction of British defence installations.
  • CFB Lahr maintained an important defence installation for NATO until the fall of the Berlin Wall, and reunification of Germany eliminated the role for permanent deployment of the Canadian Forces in western Europe.
  • The Military Police battalions of the Republican Guard have often been deployed as Riot Police armed with teargas, water cannon and batons, especially during civil unrest targeting key Defence installations and buildings.
  • A reconstruction of the wagon burial discovered in Pydna missile base and the Hunsr�ck peace movement as well as the current usage as a federal defence installation and festival site ( Nature One ).
  • On 4 August 2009, four men from Melbourne, Daily Telegraph " reporter and photographer were charged with taking a photograph of a defence installation after being granted entry to the military base.
  • There is also the remains of a standard " Allen-Williams Turret ", a rotatable metal anti-aircraft defence installation designed to hold two men and a Lewis machine gun.
  • The defence installations at False Cape were concrete structures, comprising two gun emplacements, a battery observation post, and a main magazine which stored 400 rounds of 155mm ammunition for the two guns.
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