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defence line sentence in Hindi

"defence line" meaning in Hindidefence line in a sentence
  • Located on " Skallingen "'s southwestern coast is Denmark's last defence line.
  • A defence line was proposed from Anapa all the way to Sukhum.
  • The wadi provided a natural defence line with its steep, high banks.
  • In 1862, the second Defence line of the Hollands Diep and the Volkerak.
  • On the Salpa defence line there will be organised annually a hiking tour.
  • There, the SLA were attempting to break through the LTTE forward defence lines.
  • The defence line-up for the majority of the accused was:
  • The Iraqis created a hastily constructed defence line around the city and outlying areas.
  • It was reputed to be the most difficult military defence line in North Africa.
  • From September 1939 a more easterly Main Defence Line ( MDL ) was constructed.
  • The main German defence line was now seven miles away.
  • Continuous battle was to be replaced by step-by-step advances, through successive German defence lines.
  • At the start of the war, the opposing troops remained behind their own defence lines.
  • This gave the Belgians more time to mobilize their army and strengthen their defence lines.
  • By the end of the week the tigers stationed themselves in their previous defence lines.
  • The Japanese and Italians in the Fu were driven back to their last defence line.
  • The government then attempted to open a third front along the Muhamalai Forward Defence Line.
  • Des Bruslys hesitated between a direct assault and a defence line to contain the British.
  • He is sent to a nearly completed defence line.
  • The Defence Line has survived largely intact and was named a World Heritage Site in 1996.
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