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defense mechanism sentence in Hindi

"defense mechanism" meaning in Hindi  
  • Emptying the bladder is one of the defense mechanisms of this tortoise.
  • Vigilant behavior in squirrels is also a defense mechanism to avoid predation.
  • An incursion into their territory would activate the joint CIS defense mechanism.
  • What you saw is a young player whose defense mechanism kicked in,
  • Defense mechanisms often appear unconsciously and tend to distort or falsify reality.
  • Black humor is one of the great defense mechanisms these guys have.
  • These defense mechanisms vary widely and differ for different types of organisms.
  • My Cousin Bubba had his own defense mechanism that I much admired.
  • I think in some ways it's a defense mechanism for Brian.
  • Coughing is a natural, often unconscious defense mechanism against invasive secretions.
  • In addition, antioxidants play a key role in these defense mechanisms.
  • Thus " Defense Mechanisms " should be " Defense mechanisms ".
  • Lepore also employs that sense of fun as a defense mechanism.
  • No normal person would carry defense mechanisms to such absurd limits.
  • One is identifying with the aggressor, which is a defense mechanism.
  • More an observation that humor is a universally employed defense mechanism.
  • It's not an uncommon defense mechanism for ground nesting birds ."
  • As a corporate defense mechanism, the ESOP was a great success.
  • These incisors are believed to be utilized as a defense mechanism
  • Defense mechanism : Sublimation _ expression of feelings only through art
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