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English-Hindi > degree day

degree day meaning in Hindi

degree day sentence in Hindi

दिवसीय अंशांतर
मात्रा दिवस
degree    मूला अवस्था वर्ग
day    फ़तह अवसर चौबीस
1.The official end to allergy season is marked by consistent 100-degree days.

2.The Italian government classifies the climate as zone C, 1177 degree days.

3.Havana workers were given the afternoon off, on a sunny 80-degree day.

4.They arrived last September, when there still were some 100-plus degree days.

5.Buccella said Monday as he and the city endured a 94-degree day.

6.He continued to drink water on the 93-degree day to keep hydrated.

7.It also came on a cloudy, 50-degree day, the second-coldest since 1940.

8.Starting school on 100-degree days in early August wastes money, she said.

9.He was trembling, bundled up in two jackets on an 80-degree day.

10."But it wasn't something we'd do on a 90 degree day ."

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a unit used in estimating fuel requirements for heating a building

the day on which university degrees are conferred
Synonyms: commencement day,

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