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English-Hindi > degree of a polynomial

degree of a polynomial meaning in Hindi

degree of a polynomial sentence in Hindi

बहुपदीय का अंश
degree    मूला अवस्था वर्ग
degree of    स्पोर परिमाण
of    स् का की पर बाबत
a    एक कोई अ अंग्रेजी
polynomial    बहुपदीय बहुपद
1.See Degree of a polynomial # The degree computed from the function values.

2.The function " f " can be the magnitude of the number, or the degree of a polynomial.

3.The functions deg ( ) and rem ( ) denote the degree of a polynomial and the remainder of the Euclidean division.

4.We may speak of the " degree " of a Diophantine set as being the least degree of a polynomial in an equation defining that set.

5.The words degree and order are used interchangeably, according to degree of a polynomial . talk ) 12 : 37, 22 October 2010 ( UTC ).

6.Explicitly, it is used to define the degree of a polynomial and the notion of homogeneous polynomial, as well as for graded monomial orderings used in formulating and computing Taylor series in several variables.

7.That is, a polynomial can either be zero or can be written as the sum of a finite number of non-zero degree of that indeterminate in that term; the degree of the term is the sum of the degrees of the indeterminates in that term, and the degree of a polynomial is the largest degree of any one term with nonzero coefficient.

8.I've always used the word " degree " for things like the exponent in " x " 3, and said that the degree of a polynomial is the exponent of the highest-degree ( not highest-" order " ) term . " Order ", on the other hand, I use for differential operators; thus one can speak of a second-order differential equation.

9.To determine the degree of a polynomial that is not in standard form ( for example ( x + 1 ) ^ 2-( x-1 ) ^ 2 ), one has to put it first in standard form by expanding the products ( by distributivity ) and combining the like terms; for example ( x + 1 ) ^ 2-( x-1 ) ^ 2 = 4x is of degree 1, even though each summand has degree 2.

the degree of the term in the polynomial that has the highest degree

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