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English-Hindi > delegation theory

delegation theory meaning in Hindi

delegation theory sentence in Hindi

प्रत्यायोजन सिद्धांत
delegation    प्रतिनिधायन
theory    वाद विद्या
1.Delegation theories have also been applied extensively in studies of the European Union.

2.One of the most important areas where delegation theories have been applied has been in the debate over the merits of Independent Central Banks ( ICBs ) such as the Bank of England or the European Central Bank.

3.The theory which is today dominant among both Korean and Japanese historians is the " diplomatic delegation theory ", originally put forward by Masayuki Ukeda in 1974, which proposes that " Mimana Nihon Fu " as described in the Nihon Shoki was actually a sort of Japanese embassy handling diplomatic relations between the independent states of Kaya and Japan.

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