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delete character sentence in Hindi

"delete character" meaning in Hindidelete character in a sentence
  • The delete character is strictly a control character, not a graphic character.
  • In addition to further corrections, the Ji edition greatly shortened the text, by for example deleting characters'titles.
  • However, if O2 is executed without transformation, it incorrectly deletes character " b " rather than " c ".
  • When one of the latter is invoked in the GL region, the space and delete characters ( codes 0x20 and 0x7F ) are not available.
  • However, many modern character sets deviate from ISO 646, and as a result a graphic character might occupy the position originally reserved for the delete character.
  • Conversely, for simpler operations, specialized Unix utilities such as grep ( print lines matching a pattern ), tr ( translate or delete characters ) are often preferable.
  • On Unix-like systems, the delete key is usually mapped to ESC [ 3 ~ which is the VT220 escape code for the " delete character " key.
  • In MIIS, the value false is the empty string and the value of true is a string consisting of the ASCII delete character ( code 127 decimal ).
  • But software must be more sophisticated, only accepting or creating valid multi-byte characters, and always treating multi-byte characters as one character whenever counting, copying, comparing, inserting, or deleting characters .)
  • While retaining key characters and the basic plot of the original, Hwang changes the story considerably _ adding and deleting characters, moving songs around and even assigning them to new singers.
  • Although the keyboard is easy to type on, it embodies some longstanding Apple annoyances, including cursor keys arrayed in a straight line and omitting a key to delete characters to the right of the cursor.
  • I expected shift + left arrow or shift + right arrow to adjust the text selection, not to be a shortcut for deleting characters . talk ) 17 : 58, 23 April 2013 ( UTC)
  • Some developers have acted deliberately to delete items that have been traded for money, as in Final Fantasy XI, where a task force was set up to delete characters involved in selling in-game currency for real-world money.
  • The song was originally to be featured in the ABBA musical " Mamma Mia ! ", to be sung on a boat, as the three fathers and a deleted character Stanley rocked the boat from side to side.
  • You can either attempt to force cleanup with an AfD ( deleting characters mentioned in hundreds of issues ), or let them sit until the magical day that someone reads / refs the thousands of issues of soap opera guides.
  • Some models ( e . g . 9835B ) used a 32-character 1 line uppercase LED display, which on the one hand might seem limiting, but on the other hand had the same effect as one-line window into a full screen editor which did not become common until the 1980s, with controls to go up or down a line, and cursor left and right, inserting or deleting characters.

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