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English-Hindi > delivered price

delivered price meaning in Hindi

delivered price sentence in Hindi

घर-पहुँच कीमत
सुपुर्दगी कीमत
price    क़ीमत क़ीमत कीमत
1.Transportation is a major factor in the delivered price of crushed stone.

2.All this, with a discount, brought the delivered price to $ 21, 001.

3.The tested version was an automatic with a delivered price of $ 43, 065.

4.Total delivered price, including a $ 476 manufacturer's package discount, came to $ 23, 138.

5.The delivered price is $ 32, 415.

6.Delivered price : $ 19, 721.

7.The bottom of the Camry line is the CE with 4-cylinder engine, 5-speed manual transaxle and a delivered price under $ 17, 000.

8.The suggested delivered price for the Deluxe 2-door sedan was $ 1, 795, and it was advertised as the lowest priced car in America.

9.But there are a couple of factory option discounts in there and the delivered price of the test vehicle wound up at $ 15, 400.

10.The State of Wisconsin claimed that the absence of federal wellhead price regulation caused the delivered price of gas in Wisconsin to reach unreasonable levels.

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