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English-Hindi > delivery area

delivery area meaning in Hindi

delivery area sentence in Hindi

वितरण क्षेत्र
delivery    डिलिवरी अर्पण
area    क्षेत्र क्षेत्रफल
1.Two of the pipe bombs found Saturday were in his delivery area.

2.It also requires those with access to delivery areas to carry special cards.

3.Bashas'is one; its delivery area encompasses metropolitan Phoenix except for several outlying suburbs.

4.These online grocers usually offer a large or national delivery area.

5.The first digit identifies a geographic delivery area within Hungary.

6.The first digit identifies a geographic delivery area within Austria.

7.That doesn't conflict with the campus being presently in the postal delivery area of Loudonville.

8.Connie reminded Walter that no one except the husband could go into the delivery area.

9.Payton was able to convince the hospital to let Ron and Hazel into the delivery area.

10.The basement mailroom and delivery area were evacuated after the latest letter bomb was found there.

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