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English-Hindi > demersal fish

demersal fish meaning in Hindi

demersal fish sentence in Hindi

तलमज्जी मीन
demersal    तलमज्जी
fish    मत्स्य मीन मछली
1.Demersal fish live on or near the bottom of the sea.

2.Freshwater demersal fish, up to 5.5 cm length.

3.Freshwater demersal fish, up to 12.0 cm long.

4.Freshwater demersal fish, up to 11.0 cm long.

5.Freshwater demersal fish, up to 14.2 cm long.

6.Demersal fish are also known as bottom feeders and groundfish.

7.It is a demersal fish that lives at depths from between to.

8.They can be divided into demersal fish and pelagic fish.

9.It is a demersal fish that lives on Korean Peninsula.

10.Marine subtropical demersal fish, up to 50.0 cm length.

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