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English-Hindi > denial of justice

denial of justice meaning in Hindi

denial of justice sentence in Hindi

denial    अस्वीकार
of    स् का की पर बाबत
justice    न्यायाधीश सत्यता
1.It is a denial of justice, " the president said.

2.It is the denial of justice prompted by prejudice.

3.This denial of justice had severely traumatized Elisabeth, causing her to partake in various violent sexual activities.

4.When asked to explain his actions, he replied that he was rectifying a denial of justice on the part of the government.

5.Defense lawyer Charles Cato described the trial as " an abusive process, a denial of justice and human rights, " TVNZ reported.

6.Abu Doha's lawyer, Ben Emmerson, has said a U . S . trial would be a " flagrant denial of justice ."

7.The House of Lords having voted for a trial at common law, the Commons declared this to be a denial of justice.

8.Abu Doha's lawyer Ben Emmerson has said a U . S . trial would be a " flagrant denial of justice ."

9.No matter what else he has done or will do, good or bad, Sharpton always must be judged by that shameless denial of justice.

10.:Apotex relied on the doctrine that a manifestly unjust domestic legal decision breaches international law and can be viewed as a substantive denial of justice.

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