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English-Hindi > department head

department head meaning in Hindi

department head sentence in Hindi
विभाग के प्रमुख

department    अंग क्षेत्र
head    भक्त समझ अन्तरीप
1.Montebello has six department heads and some oversee more than one division.

2.Adams spent nearly all of Wednesday in a meeting with department heads.

3.They were joined by several department heads and staff of the hotel.

4.Gates likely will invite his many Microsoft department heads to his housewarming.

5.Professor Steven Cheung, Economics and Finance Department head at City University said.

6.The results usually are distributed to the instructor and the department head.

7.The executive appoints department heads with the approval of the County Board.

8.Suharto rules through Cabinet ministers and department heads directly responsible to him.

9.A Clayton County department head comes over to discuss a personnel problem.

10.Dickinson fired 17 of the 36 corporate staffers, including most department heads.

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the head of a department

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