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English-Hindi > dependent error

dependent error meaning in Hindi

dependent error sentence in Hindi

• प्रथम भाषा जन्य त्रुटि
dependent    सेवक जागीरदार
error    गलती त्रुटि दोष
1.Some tests use different data each pass to reveal data-dependent errors.

2.SuperPascal enforces certain restrictions on the use of variables and communication to minimise or eliminate time-dependent errors.

3.SuperPascal imposes restrictions on the use of variables that enable a single-pass compiler to check that parallel processes are disjoint, even if the processes use procedures with global variables, eliminating time-dependent errors.

4.Benefits of using VISIONx machine vision software and systems are listed as : greater accuracy, reduced operator-dependent errors, increasing level of automation, reduced cycle times, ability to solve new applications, etc ..

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