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English-Hindi > dexterity test

dexterity test meaning in Hindi

dexterity test sentence in Hindi

निपुणता परीक्षण
dexterity    चतुरता तेज़ी
test    जांच परख टैस्ट मैच
1.Applicants selected had to pass a manual dexterity test.

2."Wonder how he'd score on a Hopkins dexterity test, " the chimpanzee scientist Zira ( Kim Hunter ) wonders about Taylor.

3.Women do better at such abstract, mental dexterity tests as looking at different shapes, colors and sizes and sorting them according to a principle they have to guess at.

4.Stockdale flummoxes and frustrates the various officers and men; he takes a manual dexterity test conducted by Corporal John C . Brown ( Don Knotts ), a psychiatric test by Maj . Royal B . Demming ( James Millhollin ), and an eye exam, amazingly managing to get by after driving them all crazy.

5.Griffith later reprised his role for the film version ( 1958 ) of manual-dexterity tests, marking the beginning of a lifelong association between Griffith and Knotts . " No Time for Sergeants " is considered the direct inspiration for the later television situation comedy " Gomer Pyle, U . S . M . C ."

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