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English-Hindi > diabetic gangrene

diabetic gangrene meaning in Hindi

diabetic gangrene sentence in Hindi

मधुमेही कोथ
मधुमेही जन्म कोथ
diabetic    इस रोग से पीड़ित
gangrene    अवसाद गैंग्रीन
1.A regenerative medicine therapy was developed by Dr . Peter DeMarco to treat diabetic gangrene to avoid amputations.

2.Stekel committed suicide in London by taking an overdose of Aspirin " to end the pain of his prostate and the diabetic gangrene ".

3.Dr . Nair died on 17 July 1919 at the age of fifty-one due to heart seizure following diabetic gangrene and Bright's disease.

4.He also described diabetic gangrene, and treated diabetes using a mixture of lupine, trigonella ( fenugreek ), and zedoary seed, which produces a considerable reduction in the excretion of sugar, a treatment which is still prescribed in modern times.

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