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English-Hindi > dinner bell

dinner bell meaning in Hindi

dinner bell sentence in Hindi
• रात्रिभोज घंटी
dinner    भोजन भोजनोत्सव
bell    घड़ियाल घण्टा
1.And so did the Lady Banksia rose by the dinner bell pole.

2.So you might just be sounding a dinner bell in your yard.

3."He's been ringing that iron triangle like a dinner bell ."

4.But for every resort still ringing a dinner bell, there is a Pleasant Acres.

5.Tom Bailey rang a dinner bell on his neighboring farm at 11 : 30.

6.It is a swarm and it is a dinner bell.

7.Others say it might deter harbor porpoises, but be a dinner bell for seals.

8.A new building which currently houses the Dinner Bell market was built in 1963.

9."If I'm ringing it like a dinner bell, you've got both feet in the trough,"

10.When his Snowbell beholds Stuart, he hears dinner bells.

a bell rung to announce that dinner has been served

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