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direct account sentence in Hindi

"direct account" meaning in Hindidirect account in a sentence
  • Pandey, however, said later that the observers themselves were told no such direct account.
  • Around 25 % of the claims will be sent to the farmer s direct account.
  • The Chase Direct account also includes electronic bill payment, unlimited checks and withdrawals at any bank's ATM.
  • There is no surviving direct account of the Olmec's religious beliefs, unlike the codices and conquistador accounts.
  • Some $ 83 billion is now held in Treasury Direct accounts, somewhat less than the year-ago level.
  • All bids will be channeled through market makers and other banks that have direct accounts with the Bank of Spain.
  • There is a burden of listening, as high commissioner, to the direct accounts of victims of terrible abuses, " she said.
  • Comfortable that his son was picking up the fundamentals, Weis gave him full control over his DLJ Direct account at the age of 14.
  • He said that a collection of direct accounts from the survivors and their descendants could prove that negative experiences of Switzerland were isolated cases.
  • And he said that a collection of direct accounts from the survivors, and their descendants, could prove that negative experiences of Switzerland were isolated cases.
  • But you can also buy them less expensively directly from the Treasury by contacting your local Federal Reserve Bank and setting up a Treasury Direct account.
  • In 1997, London-based electronic pop group Komputer released a song entitled " Valentina " which gives a more-or-less direct account of her career as a cosmonaut.
  • Alan Dages, who runs a business in Wilmington, Del ., that translates foreign financial documents into English, recently opened an ING Direct account with $ 1, 500.
  • Clinescu noted that such novels were " usually less valuable than direct accounts ", and deemed " �nsemnrile lui Neculai Manea " " without literary interest ";
  • Chodorow, writing against the masculine bias of psychoanalysis, " replaces Freud's negative and derivative description of female psychology with a positive and direct account of her own ."
  • Testifying by closed-circuit television, a cancer-stricken former mobster Thursday provided the first direct account linking Vincent Gigante to any of the Mafia murders he is charged with ordering.
  • But Gardiner makes an eloquent case for the younger and more impassioned composer's less streamlined and polished but ( according to Gardiner ) more spontaneous and emotionally direct account.
  • Health campaigners want the system that rates the minimum age at which people can watch films to take more direct account of smoking when deciding on the appropriate audience.
  • There are no direct accounts from Louis or his young bride of their first impressions of each other, and it is mere speculation whether they actually had negative feelings for each other.
  • In keeping with the newspaper's intention to provide brief and direct accounts of the day's news, the paper's writing is more simplistic, intended to give readers the facts and news they desire succinctly.
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