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English-Hindi > direct memory access

direct memory access meaning in Hindi

direct memory access sentence in Hindi

• प्रत्‍यक्ष स्‍मृति अभिगम
direct    सहसा एक साथ एक ही
memory    धारणा याद यादगार
memory access    मेमरी ऐक्सेस memory
access    दाखिला अभिगम
1.In direct memory access transfers the device would send a " request ".

2.In modern terms, this could be compared to direct memory access ( DMA ).

3.On FreeBSD, it is also possible to debug using Firewire direct memory access ( DMA ).

4.The Display List and the display data are written into direct memory access ( DMA ).

5.A bus control signal could put these lines in a tri-state condition to allow direct memory access.

6.For example the " DO Disable " line would tristate the address lines during direct memory access.

7.It offers low latency, high speed, direct memory access connectivity between devices of different instruction set architectures.

8.Others use smart controllers to place the data directly in memory, a concept known as direct memory access.

9.Direct memory access over the 1394 bus from the host to the target allows kernel debugging over FireWire.

10.The 6800 had a three-state control that would disable the address bus to allow another device direct memory access.

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