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English-Hindi > disco biscuit

disco biscuit meaning in Hindi

disco biscuit sentence in Hindi
• डिस्को बिस्किट
disco    डिस्को एक प्रकार
biscuit    बिस्कुट हल्की
1.Widespread Panic, John Fogerty, The Disco Biscuits feat.

2.Members of popular bands like Moe, the Slip, Galactic and the Disco Biscuits are in their 20s.

3.Magner and The Disco Biscuits were very involved with selecting the Greenfield project, and helped ensure its completion.

4.Bands like Galactic, Disco Biscuits, and Blueground Undergrass are all part of it, but they sound nothing alike.

5.The Disco Biscuits are involved in a number of charitable efforts including food drives and raising money for Hurricane Irene relief.

6.In late February 2008, she recorded with The Hooters and played as a special guest with the band The Disco Biscuits.

7.To date, Magner is the only member of The Disco Biscuits to perform in all of the band s public performances.

8.The Disco Biscuits then performed for the first time without founding drummer Sam Altman, who was currently preparing for a career in medicine.

9.Prison was only avoided in Bath when the remaining bag of " disco biscuits " ( MDMA ) was found to contain vitamin pills.

10.In 2008 Hamilton was hired by the Disco Biscuits to produce and record what would turn out to be their 2010 release " Planet Anthem ".

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