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dish antenna sentence in Hindi

"dish antenna" meaning in Hindi
  • Now the foreign executive is seeking permission to buy a dish antenna.
  • Using two XR5 cards and a pair of 35 dBi dish antennas.
  • For example, a dish antenna can be arrayed with a 34-meter dish.
  • Satellite dish antennas were banned by the Islamic government some five years ago.
  • His hard-line faction insists on a ban on satellite dish antennas in Iran.
  • A high-gain directional dish antenna was attached to the bottom of the base.
  • The center includes a 60-foot parabolic dish antenna used for radio astronomy research.
  • Each will communicate independently with Earth, using a pop-up dish antenna.
  • It uses the big dish antenna one-quarter of the available time each year.
  • Drinking alcohol is banned, as are satellite dish antennas and most Western music.
  • Franchisees buy the right to sell that programming through home satellite dish antennas.
  • Dozens of dish antennas lined the perimeter of the building's roof.
  • A large high-gain dish antenna was attached to the base.
  • On 7 December 2011, the station's 35 m-diameter dish antenna was hoisted into place.
  • They planned to replace their old television set and install a satellite dish antenna.
  • But many Iranians watch foreign stations using hidden dish antennas.
  • The 18m dish antenna installed at Fleurs in 1959 was transferred to the Parkes Observatory.
  • The dish antenna was transferred from the Fleurs Observatory ( Mills Cross ) in 1963.
  • Police said they received 164 reports of fires, collapsed buildings and toppled satellite dish antennas.
  • They have developed a manual steerable dish antenna alignment system using only 2.4 meter dish.
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