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dish drainer sentence in Hindi

"dish drainer" meaning in Hindi
  • The water came mostly from a dish drainer kept on the counter next to the sink.
  • Use a dish drainer or rubber drainer.
  • The rust factor is an issue, but its inconvenience can be minimized if the knives are towel-dried rather than left on the dish drainer.
  • And, when all is fixed, invest in a one-piece plastic dish drainer that overhangs the sink just a bit to allow draining directly into the sink.
  • Can I live without the accessories that come at extra cost : a vinyl grid, an in-sink dish drainer, a custom-made cutting board, a plastic strainer?
  • Next to it was a microwave with a lemon juicer on top, and a porcelain sink with a dishtowel clipped to the dish drainer with a clothespin.
  • As she has every summer, Pearl Kantrowitz ( Diane Lane ) totes her ironing board, dish drainer, children and mother-in-law to a Jewish holiday camp in the Catskills to vacation all summer while her husband Marty ( Liev Schreiber ) stays in New York City repairing television sets.

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