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dish out sentence in Hindi

"dish out" meaning in Hindi
  • This senior partner dishes out advice and people pay to get it.
  • He began pushing Cray Valley, which took all he could dish out.
  • But not everyone orders Lenten dishes out of religious devotion, she said.
  • So she's not responsible for any of the answers she dishes out.
  • So you think today's Major League pitchers dish out home runs like lollipops?
  • But Redd saw it differently, refusing to dish out defensive praise.
  • Pretty much, Garner dishes out the punishment whenever his repertoire is on display.
  • But Pellington dishes out the details at a seriously slack pace.
  • Few teams can withstand the type of body shots the Spartans dish out.
  • Barry accepts the ultimate responsibility and he dishes out credit regularly.
  • Other booths will dish out exotic foods, clothing, CDs and jewelry.
  • You can dish out more contact, you can take more contact.
  • In the morning, take pie dish out of refrigerator and discard plastic wrap.
  • VIOLENCE _ Mick dishes out plenty of punishment, but everybody is just kidding.
  • A little butter, lemon juice and fresh cilantro round this dish out nicely.
  • But, it turns out, our forefathers did not dish out much respect themselves.
  • By day, she dishes out hamburgers and french fries to senators.
  • No matter what absurdities life dishes out, Ziggy keeps plugging away.
  • The computer will then dish out age and sex-appropriate advertisements.
  • E-mail service dishes out pearls to make you appear cultured
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