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dish up sentence in Hindi

"dish up" meaning in Hindi
  • But these sorts of girlfriend books don't intend to dish up surprises.
  • At the annual barbecue, the principal dishes up samosas and hot dogs.
  • Whether it's the satellite dish up in Arrow, New Hampshire, or whatever.
  • Housed in the old freight depot, this restaurant dishes up Mexican food.
  • Kids, bring your plates to the mower bag and dish up.
  • She dishes up many delicious morsels from behind the royal portculis.
  • They helped their mother dish up vegetable soup and home-baked bread for lunch.
  • Dish up the cottage pudding in squares and pour sauce over the top.
  • Chefs were at hand to dish up the food hot off the stove.
  • Today, he's a man who hopes to dish up a plateful of revenge.
  • Each of them dishes up the mystery-novel equivalent of comfort food.
  • A spoon never comes near the pot except to dish up the finished risotto.
  • Instead, the Irving Republican dishes up 318 pages of straightforward conservative talk about government.
  • But of course they ll dish up the dirt.
  • Here's the hook : Both restaurants dish up seafood.
  • It's simply the sort of thoroughly professional entertainment that Hollywood dishes up all too rarely.
  • Meanwhile, I might dish up a bowl of Blue Bell and relax in the shade.
  • A few years ago, he put a satellite dish up at his house in Los Angeles.
  • Jakarta's mean streets dish up more grizzly crimes
  • Restaurants-- from the hottest celebrity spots to chains-- continue to dish up creative and interesting fare.
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