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English-Hindi > displacement activity

displacement activity meaning in Hindi

displacement activity sentence in Hindi

विस्थापन सक्रियता
displacement    खसकाना विस्थापन
activity    कार्यकलाप क्रिया
1.Tinbergen adopted the term'displacement activities'because the behaviour appeared to be displaced from one behavioural system into another.

2.:The article Displacement activity seems to deal more specifically with behaviors such as the one you note.

3.Here's the article I wanted : Displacement activity . talk ) 23 : 26, 4 November 2015 ( UTC)

4.Psychiatrist / primatologist Alfonso Troisi proposed that displacement activities can be used as non-invasive measures of stress in primates.

5.He was famous for his work on displacement activities ( Dutch : " overspronggedrag ) " and the hierarchy of instincts.

6.She concludes : " These schemes still seem to me to be just displacement activities proposed in order to avoid facing our real difficulties ."

7.The protein contains a DNA-binding HMG domain, but disruption of this domain does not abolish the DNA-binding or nucleosome-displacement activities of the SWI / SNF complex.

8.Kathleen Tynan would not, when late with a press release for Perpetua, lie fully dressed and terrified under the duvet, chain-smoking, glugging cold sake out of a beaker and putting on make-up as a hysterical displacement activity.

9.As the sole regional designee of the U . S . Department of Energy's Clean Cities program, Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition ( YTCEC ) functions as Department of Energy s on-the-ground advocate focused on petroleum displacement activities in the Greater Yellowstone Region.

10.:: and a cheerful set of contributions !-some displacement activity; mind you those brief descriptions are intriguing . . . the man's obviously a talented writer . . . I'm just going to have a brief look at those entries . . . and I may be gone for some time . . . talk ) 09 : 38, 7 June 2008 ( UTC)

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