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English-Hindi > disposable income

disposable income meaning in Hindi

disposable income sentence in Hindi
प्रयोज्य आय
अवशिष्ट आय
disposable    प्रयोग के लिये
income    मुनाफा लाभ
1.China has both multiple languages and historically a lack of disposable income.

2.People with more disposable income than a lot of other places draw.

3.The echo boomers have the disposable income and youth must be served.

4.The long economic boom has given adults more disposable income for gambling.

5.Stronger growth means more disposable income and thus more demand for energy.

6.Belgians are compulsive savers, putting aside a fifth of their disposable income.

7.The middle class is growing and disposable incomes are on the rise.

8.Spending is also being held back by lower disposable incomes, they said.

9.Drug cartels accrue more disposable income than the host governments they subvert.

10.Disposable income is total income minus taxes and other nonconsumption related expenditures.

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income (after taxes) that is available to you for saving or spending

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