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English-Hindi > distress message

distress message meaning in Hindi

distress message sentence in Hindi

संकट संदेश
distress    पीड़ा विपत्ति
message    दस्तावेज बात
1.Therefore, the GEOSAR satellites only can relay a beacon s distress message.

2.Thorndike sent out a distress message Sunday afternoon asking for medical help.

3.A DSC touch screen control panel showing a ( simulated ) distress message.

4.The Gaul, based in Hull, disappeared in February 1974, without sending a distress message.

5.But Lin managed to send a distress message to the water police in Nakhodka.

6.These include sabotage with dynamite and fake distress messages.

7.She said that no further contact had been made since the distress message was received.

8.Unusually, the " Gladiator " stocked carrier pigeons to carry distress messages to the company office.

9.So he began to take the plane down, and ordered Miles to radio a distress message.

10.Shortly after, the distress message, reports began to reach ATC from the police of an aircraft crash.

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