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domicile of origin sentence in Hindi

"domicile of origin" meaning in Hindidomicile of origin in a sentence
  • B's domicile of origin is England, because of A's initial inability to settle permanently in Ontario.
  • A domicile of choice can be abandoned if a new domicile of choice is acquired or if the domicile of origin revives.
  • This problem is aggravated by the rules relating to the revival of the domicile of origin when a domicile of choice is abandoned.
  • There is tension between " domicile of origin " and " domicile of choice " which arises out of the fact that the latter can only be acquired through fulfilling both:
  • When B attains the age of majority, Ontario becomes his domicile of choice until he decides to leave for good, at which time it reverts back to the domicile of origin.
  • Under Christian law in India as well, the domicile of origin of the child belonging to unwed parents is the country of the child's mother at the time of the child's birth.
  • HM Revenue and Customs have issued tax demands for 2000 to 2008 on the basis that Wrottesley was domiciled in the UK . Wrottesley has appealed, contending that his domicile of origin is in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Under the common law a married woman was deemed to have the same domicile as her husband, so the domicile of origin of the children of the marriage was the same as that of their father and the time of birth.
  • The Judge concluded that the evidence never came close to establishing a Belgian domicile of choice as alleged by the so-called Family Defendants and determined that " Owen never lost his domicile of origin, and remained domiciled in England ", and is further reported in the Stratford " Herald " on 14 July 2011.
  • For example, a husband with a domicile of origin in Japan establishes a domicile of choice in China where he marries a woman with a patriarchal implications and potentially unfortunate legal consequences implicit in the domicile of dependence, many states have amended their laws to permit women to retain their domcile of origin upon marriage, or to establish a domicile of choice independently of the husband during the subsistence of the marriage.
  • It is true, that residence originally temporary, or intended only for a limited period, may afterwards become general and unlimited, and in such a case, so soon as the change of purpose or the " animus manendi " may be inferred, the fact of domicile of origin may be extinguished by act of law, as, for example, by sentence of death, exile, and perhaps outlawry, but it cannot be destroyed by the act of the party.
  • The law was altered for the United Kingdom in 1861 by the Wills Act 1861 ( known as Lord Kingsdown's Act ), by which a will made out of the United Kingdom by a British subject is, as far as regards personal estate, good if made according to the forms required by the law of the place where it was made, or by the law of the testator's domicile at the time of making it, or by the law of the place of his domicile of origin.

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