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English-Hindi > dormitory town

dormitory town meaning in Hindi

dormitory town sentence in Hindi

रैनबसेरा बस्ती
dormitory    छात्रावास शयनकक्ष
town    नगर के लोग नगरीय
1.Kenilworth, however, is a prosperous dormitory town and leans towards the Conservatives.

2.It is a primarily rural residential town that has dormitory town status.

3.It is a high-density dormitory town administered by the Epworth Local Board.

4.The town is both a tourist centre and a dormitory town for Barcelona.

5.Since the 1950s Keynsham has become a dormitory town for Bristol and Bath.

6.It also serves as a dormitory town for the Gauteng metropolis.

7.In this sense, they serve primarily as dormitory towns or quarters.

8.There is also Pollokshields, an area built as a dormitory town for Glasgow.

9.The town is a dormitory town for commuters working in Leeds and Bradford.

10.They function to some extent as dormitory towns for householders who work in London.

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