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English-Hindi > doze off

doze off meaning in Hindi

doze off sentence in Hindi
• आँख लगना
• सोना
• झपकी लेना
• आँख लगना
• ऊंघना
doze    झपकी नींद ऊंघ ऊँघ
off    से अलग छूट छुट्टी
1.And, as many people do, he was dozing off during the sermon.
और, जैसा कि बहूत लोग करते हैं, वह धर्मोपदेश के दौरान ऊंघ रहा था.

2.And as he was dozing off, they were reading from the book of Leviticus in the Torah.
और जब वह ऊंघ रहा था, वे सब तोरह में लेवितिकुस कि पुस्तक से पढ़ रहे थे.

change from a waking to a sleeping state; "he always falls asleep during lectures"
Synonyms: fall asleep, dope off, flake out, drift off, nod off, drop off, drowse off,

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