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dressing down sentence in Hindi

"dressing down" meaning in Hindidressing down in a sentence
  • Then in the period of the war years, everybody was dressing down.
  • Americans'fondness for dressing down is driving up the stock of weekend wear.
  • He went in search of encouragement but instead got a dressing down.
  • Women may be suiting up this fall, but men are dressing down.
  • Fashion is doing a 180-degree turn from dressing down to dressing up.
  • Coop is giving Jimmy a dressing down for accepting fifty'dirty'bucks a week.
  • Dressing down works pretty well when everyone is on the same wavelength.
  • Following are some tips on dressing down on Casual Friday at work.
  • Dressing down is a practice even formerly silk-stocking law firms have endorsed.
  • "I love dressing in jeans and dressing down, " she said.
  • For dressing down your feet, think brown and suede for a relaxed feel.
  • In Arkansas, she was known for dressing down legislators who opposed her initiatives.
  • Even Boo, the computerized arbiter of cool, has suffered a humbling dressing down.
  • Q . Any advice on dressing up if you're used to dressing down?
  • Armani's fashions have set the tone for a global dressing down.
  • We could forget dressing down and just take it all off.
  • Even so, Smith appeared to be dressing down during jury selection.
  • The dressing down was so complete, so convincing, that only one question remained answered:
  • This would be no pep talk and no dressing down.
  • Dressing down the shirts with jeans and tennis shoes gives guys a sportier style.
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