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English-Hindi > dressing gown

dressing gown meaning in Hindi

dressing gown sentence in Hindi
ड्रेसिंग गाउन
dressing    परिधान मसाला
gown    चोगा जामा लबादा
1.At home, he wanders around in an exquisite silk dressing gown, chain-smoking.

2.At home he received guests while wearing a silk polka-dot dressing gown.

3.Twice Sonia changes her clothes; once she stays in her dressing gown.

4.He sashays down a curving staircase in an elegant silk dressing gown.

5.Ken returns from the course to find Ashley wearing his dressing gown.

6.Elizabeth Ashley, in a tentlike dressing gown, screamed when she saw Vidal.

7.Lucille's dressing gowns and golden slippers remain in her wardrobe closet.

8.Return to bedroom wearing long dressing gown and towel on head.

9.There was the president in his blue silk dressing gown in his wheelchair.

10.His favored dressing gown is of a gallant jade hue ."

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a robe worn before dressing or while lounging
Synonyms: robe-de-chambre, lounging robe,

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