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English-Hindi > dressing room

dressing room meaning in Hindi

dressing room sentence in Hindi
1.That walk from the dressing room to the ring is special.

2.Juventus players celebrated with canned soft drinks in the dressing rooms.

3.Courier adjusted in the dressing room as Agassi did this time.

4.An official approached and told him the dressing room was perfect.

5.They gave the dressing room one of the first water closets.

6.Her first stop : the amphitheater dressing room to transform herself.

7.The feeling in the dressing room is unbelievable at the moment.

8.I think the guys were jazzed up in the dressing room.

9.Norton was as respected as it gets in the dressing room.

10.Lewis must have cried in his dressing room after the fight.

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a room in which you can change clothes

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