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English-Hindi > dust sampling

dust sampling meaning in Hindi

dust sampling sentence in Hindi

धूलि प्रतिचयन
dust    गड़बड़ चूरा साफ़
sampling    प्रतिदर्शन नमूना
1.The researchers based their findings on dust samples taken from the hangar.

2.Public agencies have tested thousands of dust samples from lower Manhattan since the attack.

3.-- Dust samples, collected six times per year, will be taken during entire shifts.

4.Millette said about 10 percent of a typical dust sample is the finest powderlike particles.

5.Researchers analyzed dust samples from the homes of 608 of the children in the earlier study.

6.Dust samples returned from outer space may provide information about conditions in the early solar system.

7.This week, specialists entered the three-story building in their protective suits to take air and dust samples.

8.Most of the dust samples were collected within a couple of blocks of the World Trade Center.

9.SCIM would collect air and dust samples by flying through the atmosphere of Mars without landing or orbiting.

10.So far more than 1, 000 air and dust samples from Ground Zero have been taken for study.

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