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English-Hindi > duty period

duty period meaning in Hindi

duty period sentence in Hindi
• पाली
• कार्य-पाली
duty    कर्तव्य काम कृत्य
period    वाक्य विराम समय
1.After completing an 11-to 14-hour on-duty period, the driver must be allowed 10 hours off-duty.

2._Require at least one 24-hour off-duty period per week.

3.After completing a 10 to 15-hour on-duty period, the driver must be allowed 8 hours off-duty.

4.The FAA has been working since 1994 to develop new standards for limiting pilot duty periods.

5.A sequence of legs is called " trip " ( also shift or duty period ).

6.An airline's management often struggles to balance rest with duty periods because it strives for maximum crew productivity.

7.During reserve duty periods, they are assigned to military duties and must refresh their operational live flying training.

8.During his active duty period, he also made occasional guest television appearances, in uniform, introduced as " PFC Eddie Fisher ".

9.Fatigue is particularly prevalent among pilots because of " unpredictable work hours, long duty periods, circadian disruption, and insufficient sleep ".

10.In schedules involving night shifts and fragmentation of duty periods through the entire day, a sort of polyphasic sleeping schedule was studied.

the time period during which you are at work
Synonyms: shift, work shift,

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